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St Joseph's Primary School, O'Connor

St Joseph s Primary School consisted of the construction of two buildings, A library and and Early Learning Centre.
Originally built in 1956 the construction needed to compliment and blend in to the original buildings.
The Library was managed by the Catholic Education Office in conjunction with architect Paul Barnett from Paul Barnet Design Group
Features of the buildings include:
Solar Passive design
Night Purge windows
Brick Cavity Construction
Highly patterned brickwork
The complexity of the project including building around existing landscaping as well as the complex nature of the geometry of the buildings.
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Completed: August 2011
Project Manager: Phil Carey
Client: Catholic Education Office
Architect: Paul Barnett, Paul Barnett Design Group

2012 Winner of Commercial Building $1M - $5M in 'The Master Builder and Boral Excellence in Building Awards'.